Welcome to The Least of These . Our hope is that through this site each of the beautiful children listed will have a personal prayer warrior. This list of waiting children represents only a small fraction of those who wait, hope and dream of one day knowing the love of a family . Reality is that majority of these children will never have that opportunity to experience that kind of love.

Not all are called to "physically" adopt but as God has adopted us as his children we are called to be his hands and feet in this life. Please partner with us to spiritually "adopt " a child and commit to become their prayer warrior.

Lists of beautiful waiting children can be found under "waiting children" on the navigation bar. Also , each Sunday we will feature a special post about a waiting child's profile called "Sunday's Child".

My hope is that although each of these precious kids may never know the love of a family , they will know and feel the love of their heavenly father.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday's Child x's 6!

I apologize for my absence here! As we are getting prepared to bring home our baby boy life has thrown a few curve balls. Also if anyone has any suggestions for music options for blogger I would love it. My current player is no longer available for blogger!

There are so many kiddos waiting I always feel a bit torn as to who gets chosen to spot light. So this week, I am going to focus on  several different categories!

Aging out:


Justine is a beautiful 13 yr old girl who will age out in November. She is listed with Lifeline. You can see three videos of her here under 'Annie's Waiting Kiddos'
OR contact Annie at annie.hamlin@lifelinechild.org for more information on Justine.

She has urinary and fecal incontinence, strephenopodia of both feet; she can walk alone, but not steadily. In life she can take good care of herself, and is obedient to adult; she is a clever, active and outgoing girl.

She seems to be well cared for and is fond of her nannies but has agreed to be adopted and has stated that she wants a family of her own.

She is outgoing, active, smart, polite, talks and smiles a lot, she says “hello” to others actively, she loves learning, now she studies in our Welfare Institute, she likes reading books, she often read stories for the children in the Welfare Institute, she can do the math problems, she can say a little English, she can take care of herself, she usually help the other children actively in the Welfare Institute, Both aunts and the children like her very much.
This beautiful girl deserves a family of her very own! Pray that her forever family finds her.


This is "Dawn". Just look at that smile ! This beautiful girl will age out inFebuary    2013 and wants a familly of her own. "Dawn is being cared for by a wonderful organization in China.

 She has spina bifida and is in a wheelchair, but she is able to get into and out of the chair on her own and can get up stairs on her own. She does her own self-care independently. 
Someone who knows her personally wrote:
"Dawn" is 12 and a half, and will age out of the program in 18 months, she is aware of this too. She has spina bifida, uses a wheelchair and is studying grade 4 in local school - and doing well. She is confident, articulate and happy. As "Dawn" is on the adoption program, myself and one of our teachers that has lived abroad in another culture took some time to really talk to her about adoption this week. Dawn already has a degree of understanding that adoption to another culture and language would be difficult (she is used to playing and being around non-speaking foreign people that come to the centre on short term teams), however, she has stated that she would like to have a family, and that she would like to go abroad. She is willing to work to overcome language difficulties for that.
She is also aware that education, future jobs and life in a place like the USA would be easier for her than in China where wheelchair uses are still not supported well. 
Please spread the word about this amazing young lady !



I love this boy!!! What an amazing smile and I bet he has just an incredible personality to go with that smile!!!!!! Dean has Thallasemia and is currently waiting  on China's  shared list.

Here is a LWB video about this special need: http://www.youtube.com/lwbvideos#p/u/6/zEh8R527NUo
Dean does not currently attend school because he has to receive transfusions every 1-2 months. Because of this, his developments in all areas are a little delayed compared with his peers. Now he can walk up and down stairs independently, and he can jump off the floor with both feet. He can walk in a straight line. He can hold a pencil to draw lines and circles. No one teaches him to recognize triangles and squares, so he can’t draw them. He likes coloring and he knows the concept of big and small, in and out, many and few, right and left etc.
He can identify different colors, such as red, yellow, green, blue, white and black etc. He can count from 1 to 10. However, he can’t recognize numbers because he doesn't attend school. He knows concept of week and he knows what day it is today or tomorrow. His language development is average. He is talkative and can carry simple conversations, but his some of pronunciation is not so clear. He can feed himself and go to toilet on his own. He can put on or take off his clothes, shoes and socks. He likes helping with auntie, such as fetching bottles for younger children.
Dean is active and precious boy. Every time when people come to his living group he is always the first to call “mama” or “baba”, with loud sound and bright smile. He is very active in outdoor activities, but in his room he likes sitting on his own chair quietly to play toys or watch TV, very attentively. He gets along very well with children in the same group. He is closest to the caretaker who looks after him and other children in the same group. His favorite toy is toy gun. Dean receives blood transfusions every 1-2 months
Please pray that Dean finds his forever family soon. There is a critical   blood shortage in  many provinces in China. So for the orphans that are transfusion dependent it is crucial that they find their forever families soon. 


This precious and beautiful boy has been waiting so long! Too long ! Jack just turned 5 years old this week!

Info from when he was with Madison: Jack is an adorable little guy who has Thalassemmia which requires him to receive monthly transfusions and then another process done three days a month to take the iron out of his blood to prevent organ damage in the future. This well behaved little boy is quiet by nature which is apparent as he remains totally patient during his treatments.

Jack lives at the orphanage where he is one of 22 children in his group. He attends Kindergarten during the day where he is learning to speak in English as well as Chinese. He already speaks and understands a lot of English and actually stated, “I like pizza.” According to his teachers he is of normal intelligence and very social. He likes to do puzzles, as well as sing and dance. In his quiet time he likes to watch television. His favorite program is Happy Sheep, a Chinese cartoon. Jack truly wants to be adopted and come to his forever family in America. He was very vocal about this fact!

At 1.5 years, he could walk alone, clearly speak about 2-3 words, could to use a spoon to eat & drink from a cup. He knew lots of familiar persons, places & objects, & was willing to get small things according to instructions. At 2 years, he enjoyed imitating adults facial expressions &familiar voice & started to point out things as per names. He could point out things when he was asked familiar things or pictures. He could turn over pages of a book with thick texture. He liked drawing with a pen. He could be cooperative when putting on clothes. At 3 years, he had good sense of balance, go upstairs and downstairs, throw or kick or catch a ball. He could put on shoes, take off unlined clothes &can put on pants. He could name some daily items. Now he studies in the kindergarten. He is interested in listening music & stories, knows inner and outer, big and small, speak sentences of 5-10 words. He could tell his name when asking, imitate adults doing simple things, explore surroundings.
This is one of the most beautiful boys I have ever seen :)
The staff at Madison Adoption Associates had the pleasure to spend some time with this precious treasure.
Please pass the word on about this hidden gem!



This precious girl has been waiting so long. Her sadness is in these updated photos just speaks volumes about the state of her heart. 
Here are some current updates on this precious girl.
 Her updated measurements:

Height: 110cm ; Weight: 19.5kg ; Foot: 16cm

1.Does she understand adoption and does she want to be adopted by a foreign family? She doesn’t really understand what adoption is.
2. What grade is she in and how does she do?
She is in preschool now. She is doing ok at school.
3. Does she get along well with younger children?
She gets along better with children younger than her.
4. Does she have any psychological/behavioral problems? The only thing is she doesn’t talk much.
5. Can you describe her personality? She is introverted, easy going, not talkative, not good at express herself and her feeling.
6.What are some of her favorite activities? She likes to play and watch cartoon with other children.
7. Is there any updated medical information? No
8.Does she act like a normal child for her age? She is a little delayed compare with other children same age.
9. Is she lovable and who is she closest to? She is lovable. Her closest person is her foster mom.
10. Does she have a best friend? She is close to big sister in foster.

From a friend: I had a dermatologist look at her pics and file and he thinks her condition is just nevus. I also had a plastic surgeon look at her file and he said the area in and on the side of her mouth could easily be removed and should be removed as to not interfere with her eating.
She has normal mental development. She knows things in her environment. She can count from one to twenty. She can communicate with grown-ups. She often communicates with people she knows.
Danielle is a very pretty little girl who is active, fond of listing to music, playing games and watching TV. She has a ready smile. She knows colors and animals, body parts and can button and unbutton clothing. She can put on and take off her shoes and clothes and stand on one foot for at least two seconds. She can draw. She is not picky about food and her favorite food is rice. Danielle lives in the institution and her eyes reflect how much she needs a forever family

But behind that sadness is a beautiful girl longing to be loved and treasured. Please pass the word on about this precious girl.


Nicole – female, age 6 years, albinism. In school there are many children who play and study with Nicole. When she is cuddled or plays with her caretaker, she would turn her face to be in a “poor light”. This makes Nicole feel comfortable and she wouldn’t close her eyes because of light stimulation. She could then see new things and familiar people. The excellent care and loving of the caretakers help her to understand everything around her. She is a very polite child. Nicole is fairly extroverted, active, and lovely. It is with hope that “she is able to be joyful and happy forever”. Such a darling little girl! Please contact Lifeline Children’s Services for more information

She is now special focus and is listed as Nicole with Lifeline. Contact Lisa Kelly at lisa.kelly@lifelinechild.org for more info!

She is a smart and happy girl. Right now she is in school and living with a foster family. She gets along very well with the other children at school and likes to read, sing and play games. She is a very polite child and greets everyone she meets.
Nicole is a beautiful  six year old girl just waiting on her forever family!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sunday's Child

s.n. : CHD
9 years old

There are so many beautiful children waiting for a family. Some of these beautiful faces just linger month after month on these lists waiting to be chosen. This is one of those beautiful children. "Zane " has been waiting for a family for so long that when I see his beautiful face still waiting it saddens me. I am a mother to a nine year old boy and I have to tell you that someone is missing something really wonderful in their life.
Zane is sponsored by LWB and here is a little of what was said about this wonderful boy .

Zane was once a a boy with unhealthy blue lips and fingers who caught the eyes of one of our medical team in photos taken at his orphanage in Zhejiang. Sponsors from around the world stepped in to fund his heart surgery (see “Zane’s Miracle” at lwbcommunity.com), and now he is no longer blue…and has energy to spare!
Now that he’s healthy and feeling good, Zane is curious about everything around him and explores the origin of any new sound. He is especially interested in anything new to him and invents opportunities to use these new things. For example, when he became interested in an umbrella he created many opportunities to use it, even wanting to take out the trash while using the umbrella! Zane is quite tactile and likes to touch this and that as a way to explore his world. Sometimes he sets the table, sometimes he arranges the toys. He also enjoys exploring the classroom when the teacher is not there.
Zane has struggled with math in the past, but he is improving in this subject. However, his teachers say that he needs to spend more time working on his Chinese! Maybe they can ask him to practice by composing some new memos to his future family. We hope Zane won’t have much longer to wait!
With the beginning of a new year brings hopes for good fortune and a prosperous year ahead. One of the stars of our blog, Zane, is starting out the Year of the Dragon with some very good fortune. Starting today, Love Without Boundaries is able to offer a $2,000 grant towards his adoption! These funds will be provided to the agency through which he is matched with a family, to go towards the family’s adoption expenses.
Zane has a great appetite and sleeps well. Post surgery, Zane has healed smoothly. While he does take a few medications and tries not to overdo it, he has not had any complications or new issues arise.

This young man loves to play!
Zane’s teachers and nannies say he is “very warm-hearted,” progressing well in his development, listens well, and loves to be helpful to the nannies and with the other children. We hope Zane’s good fortune brings him home into a permanent family this year.
Love Without Boundaries proudly advocates for adoption but is not an adoption agency. We invite you to contact adoptionassistance@lwbmail.com with questions about a child we have featured and encourage you to contact your local adoption agency for more information about China’s Waiting Child Program.
Go here to read more about this amazing boy!
Zane is currently on the shared list so any adoption agency can lock his file.
Please spread the word and lets help this precious boy find his forever family.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The "new " perfect

It is amazing to me as an adoptive mom to two of the most amazing little girls that they would even be considered "special needs".I know for a fact that if I was evaluated, I would too have been labeled special needs with all of my imperfections.   Although, we do  discuss the fact that they both were considered special needs we do not by anyway let that label define who they are. We merely share this part of their story to educate those about the term "special needs"  and  hope that through sharing, a door will be opened for another child who waits to know the love of a family.
Rainbow Kids created a wonderful video explaining this label and how it does not define these children who wait.
Look closely and you just might recognize a really handsome little fella with Albinism spotlighted in the video :)

Waiting Child Video

Please pass the video on and lets continue to educate people about the term" special needs" .
 Who knows just maybe by doing this someones life could be blessed by one of these amazing waiting children!

I do indeed feel blessed to have a different "looking glass "  and a new found definition of what perfection  really means to me.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday's Child

 This week I could not make up my mind on who to feature as Sunday's Child . So I chose four beautiful baby boys that all are waiting to know the love of a family .Specifically to finally be held in the arms of their forever mommy's :)

                                                                           18 months old
                                                       SN: Developmental Delay with gross motor skills
                                                                      underdevelopment of more than 1 limb
At 6 months, Kaelen could raise his head when lying on his stomach, sit for a short time with support, and locate a sound source. When his name is called, he will turn around at once. His eyesight can turn around flexibly to follow moving toys or people. He has been receiving physical therapy on his arms, and the orphanage feels he is making improvements. He is restless, active, likes playing toys and playing games. His favorite activity: being cuddled and teased by his caretaker, being sung to, and going outdoors to breathe fresh air

Kaelen is such a beautiful baby boy . Could you be his mommy?

                                                            12 months old
                                       SN: Cong.proctatresia,hypospadius,urethral fistula

Simply gorgeous and still waiting on his mommy! Landon is on the shared list and is available through any agency :)

2 years old
SN: Blind
This precious child is still waiting. The beginning of his life was so uncertain  but now he resides at Butterfly Hospice in China.Go here to read more about this precious boy!

 He is waiting on his mommy to scoop him up and help rewrite the rest of his life story :)
Could you be his mommy?

                                                                      2 years old
                                                                      SN: Meningocele

Donovan likes to be cuddled; when cuddled he will make sound of mama all the time. He is able to walk steadily alone; he likes to move the toys. In the toy room he plays happily. After getting up in the morning, he would take to the shoes to mum and says “mum, shoes”, in order to make mother put on shoes for him. He likes to help others & likes children; he can touch the child’s head for comfort.The aunt teaches him where the nose, eye &mouth are & he can point them out correctly. Recently he likes playing the game of turning circle, that is, children are handing in hand to a circle and for a squat, one will stand up; in the circle, he plays happily. He also likes reading; he can open the book, turn the pages, then point it on the pictures with a surprise. When he sees the picture of a child, he would say baby. He likes playing ball; he holds the ball over his head, & throws it forward.
Donovan crawls, walks, runs, goes up and down stairs. He draws lines and holds a pen and scribbles. He turns the pages of a book, knows big and small. He can use his thumb and index finger to pick up small objects. He imitates words, talks, understands when asked for something. He is talkative, quick in reaction. Donovan gets along well with others, likes singing, reading, playing games, listening to music, and playing with toys. He is extroverted and likes imitating. His orphanage wishes he can be happy in a complete family

This beautiful boy is on the shared list and is available through any agency!
Look at that smile !!!!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Sunday's Child - Left Behind

  As I read through this young woman's story two words rang in my ears...  left behind . Sadly , this is the story for so many children around the world. We often do not get the opportunity to hear their story but  today you have the chance to hear about a precious girl named "Aimee".And yes it is an opportunity to hear her story. An opportunity to step up and get involved. To make a difference in one persons life. That is a powerful gift.

Aimme is 13 years old and will age out in November. Her special need is Thallasemia and she requires blood transfusions. Aimee's paperwork is not completed, but we are working on getting her SWI to complete her paperwork. If she found a family, it could get done pretty quickly!

Here's a video on thallessemia.

This is a picture of Aimee and her best friend ,Zeke. Zeke was recently adopted and this family had the opportunity to meet Aimee.
Annette(Zeke's mom) has also said: "I don't know how often she gets transfusions, but I can
ask. She does want a family--really badly--especially now that Zeke is gone and
has a family. She does great with young children. She's very loving and smiles
a lot. She's polite. She goes to the special school near the SWI--where a lot
of our children go."

Go here to Zeke's families blog to read more about Aimee's story. 

Zeke wants nothing more than for her to find a family! Zeke could also be a great help in
assisting Aimee's transition into a family- the ability to Skype with him and
have him talk to her in Chinese should really help her have a smooth transition
into a family. :)

Annette has said: "Oh my! I love this child! Zeke loves this child! She
needs a mommy and daddy. I can answer questions about her, but don't have any
video. She isn't paperwork ready because of "problems with her paperwork" which
could be lots of different things. My thinking was that if we had a family that
wanted to adopt her, that would carry a lot of weight and help with the
paperwork--just like Zeke. I love the name Aimee--fits her perfectly. She's very
loving and kind and ALWAYS smiling

Please contact me @ nmsettle@yahoo.com if you would like additional info about this beautiful girl. I can put you in contact with Annette ,Zeke's mom.
And as always please pass the word on about this amazing young girl who time is running out before she will be left behind forever.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sunday's Child

As I scrolled through a wonderful advocate site that I love to visit. I came across a story of a little boy who we will call "Peter". He is beautiful ,smart ,sweet and an orphan living in China.
This story was written by a young woman who attended a camp through Bring Me Hope.
I could not imagine a more special story to share for this Easter Sunday.

"Who will be my buddy?"

These are the first words I heard Peter speak (in Mandarin).

It was Day 1 of the Bring Me Hope summer camp for orphans, and Peter was waiting with eager anticipation as he watched the campers get matched up with their buddies. As an exhausted staff member, I had previously decided to not have a buddy that week.

Plans changed.

With one look at this little boy, I knew we were supposed to spend the week together. I walked across the room and grabbed Peter's hand, announcing I was his buddy. The smile that erupted on his face is etched in my memory forever. During that first day, Peter and I bonded more quickly than any other child I had every been matched with--evidenced during Day 2's water gun fights. For over an hour, Peter positioned himself between me and the others shouting, "You can't shoot her! If you shoot her I will get you!" I laughed as I watched him race around, trying to protect me by shooting all the other kids with water.

As the week progressed, my laughter turned into sorrow as I saw this precious boy yearning for love. If I spent one moment with another child, Peter would become jealous. He thought he had to work harder to earn my love. He served me food, filled my cup with water, gave me his toys, stole candy from other children to give to me, and even wrote me notes and drew pictures. The pictures always told the same story. He carefully colored a strong prince and one princess. When he gave it to me he said I was the princess, and he was the hero.

Even though he had a soft heart, Peter was strong. He tried to hide the fact that he wore a diaper because of being born with a myelomeningocele (spina bifida), disappearing for short times to change himself. When he returned, he pretended like nothing happened. I watched all of this and decided that Peter was my strong hero.

Friday came; time to say goodbye. I had been dreading this moment all week and wasn't sure how Peter would respond. Hist strength faltering, he held my hand tightly as we walked to the car door. Before he got in, a small tear fell down his cheek. The first tear I had seen all week. Hesitating for just a moment, Peter turned around and hugged me tightly. As I wrapped my arms around him, a personal responsibility for him grew in my heart. He may be leaving, but I was his advocate.

The car pulled out of the driveway. As tears streamed down my face, it began to pour rain. I looked heavenward and asked the Lord, "Why is he alone? Why doesn't he have a family?" The reply? "Becca, you can speak loudly on his behalf."

And so I am. Would you consider bringing this little boy, my little brother, into your family?

His words are still in my heart: "You're going to find me a famil
y, aren't you Becca?" desperately loving me to his best ability during the week when God redefined love for me.

Please spread the word about this precious boy. I just know that God has a family for this incredible young man.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday's Child

SN: concomitant extropia 

This is "Tara" . She is a beautiful young lady waiting for her forever family in China. Why she is still waiting truly baffles me! Tara currently lives with a foster family so she knows what it is like to have a family.
Tara is in middle school and is the Assistant Class Monitor and the Representative of the Geography class.
Tara gets average grades and passed Math. She has an easy-going personality. She is thoughtful, considerate, mild tempered, and wants to be adopted!
Tara is a quiet and obedient girl. She is easily close to people and is sweet. In a strange environment, she is polite and will say hello to the strangers on her own initiative as well as answer stranger’s questions. Once she is familiar with the strangers, she would become more friendly/extroverted. She likes foster father and mother. She likes making handicrafts so her foster mother will by a lot of material for her and she would make it at home.

She likes drawing, and draws all kinds of cartoon characters; she can copy from the picture which given to her.
Please spread the word about this beautiful girl. Time is running out for her as she will age out soon.