Welcome to The Least of These . Our hope is that through this site each of the beautiful children listed will have a personal prayer warrior. This list of waiting children represents only a small fraction of those who wait, hope and dream of one day knowing the love of a family . Reality is that majority of these children will never have that opportunity to experience that kind of love.

Not all are called to "physically" adopt but as God has adopted us as his children we are called to be his hands and feet in this life. Please partner with us to spiritually "adopt " a child and commit to become their prayer warrior.

Lists of beautiful waiting children can be found under "waiting children" on the navigation bar. Also , each Sunday we will feature a special post about a waiting child's profile called "Sunday's Child".

My hope is that although each of these precious kids may never know the love of a family , they will know and feel the love of their heavenly father.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday's Child

SN: concomitant extropia 

This is "Tara" . She is a beautiful young lady waiting for her forever family in China. Why she is still waiting truly baffles me! Tara currently lives with a foster family so she knows what it is like to have a family.
Tara is in middle school and is the Assistant Class Monitor and the Representative of the Geography class.
Tara gets average grades and passed Math. She has an easy-going personality. She is thoughtful, considerate, mild tempered, and wants to be adopted!
Tara is a quiet and obedient girl. She is easily close to people and is sweet. In a strange environment, she is polite and will say hello to the strangers on her own initiative as well as answer stranger’s questions. Once she is familiar with the strangers, she would become more friendly/extroverted. She likes foster father and mother. She likes making handicrafts so her foster mother will by a lot of material for her and she would make it at home.

She likes drawing, and draws all kinds of cartoon characters; she can copy from the picture which given to her.
Please spread the word about this beautiful girl. Time is running out for her as she will age out soon.


  1. Hi There! My friend shared your blog with me. I am advocating for a Chinese orphan named Peter- would you be willing to share his story on your site? I have several videos and pictures I could give you. Let me know and thank you!

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