Welcome to The Least of These . Our hope is that through this site each of the beautiful children listed will have a personal prayer warrior. This list of waiting children represents only a small fraction of those who wait, hope and dream of one day knowing the love of a family . Reality is that majority of these children will never have that opportunity to experience that kind of love.

Not all are called to "physically" adopt but as God has adopted us as his children we are called to be his hands and feet in this life. Please partner with us to spiritually "adopt " a child and commit to become their prayer warrior.

Lists of beautiful waiting children can be found under "waiting children" on the navigation bar. Also , each Sunday we will feature a special post about a waiting child's profile called "Sunday's Child".

My hope is that although each of these precious kids may never know the love of a family , they will know and feel the love of their heavenly father.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday's Child

 This week I could not make up my mind on who to feature as Sunday's Child . So I chose four beautiful baby boys that all are waiting to know the love of a family .Specifically to finally be held in the arms of their forever mommy's :)

                                                                           18 months old
                                                       SN: Developmental Delay with gross motor skills
                                                                      underdevelopment of more than 1 limb
At 6 months, Kaelen could raise his head when lying on his stomach, sit for a short time with support, and locate a sound source. When his name is called, he will turn around at once. His eyesight can turn around flexibly to follow moving toys or people. He has been receiving physical therapy on his arms, and the orphanage feels he is making improvements. He is restless, active, likes playing toys and playing games. His favorite activity: being cuddled and teased by his caretaker, being sung to, and going outdoors to breathe fresh air

Kaelen is such a beautiful baby boy . Could you be his mommy?

                                                            12 months old
                                       SN: Cong.proctatresia,hypospadius,urethral fistula

Simply gorgeous and still waiting on his mommy! Landon is on the shared list and is available through any agency :)

2 years old
SN: Blind
This precious child is still waiting. The beginning of his life was so uncertain  but now he resides at Butterfly Hospice in China.Go here to read more about this precious boy!

 He is waiting on his mommy to scoop him up and help rewrite the rest of his life story :)
Could you be his mommy?

                                                                      2 years old
                                                                      SN: Meningocele

Donovan likes to be cuddled; when cuddled he will make sound of mama all the time. He is able to walk steadily alone; he likes to move the toys. In the toy room he plays happily. After getting up in the morning, he would take to the shoes to mum and says “mum, shoes”, in order to make mother put on shoes for him. He likes to help others & likes children; he can touch the child’s head for comfort.The aunt teaches him where the nose, eye &mouth are & he can point them out correctly. Recently he likes playing the game of turning circle, that is, children are handing in hand to a circle and for a squat, one will stand up; in the circle, he plays happily. He also likes reading; he can open the book, turn the pages, then point it on the pictures with a surprise. When he sees the picture of a child, he would say baby. He likes playing ball; he holds the ball over his head, & throws it forward.
Donovan crawls, walks, runs, goes up and down stairs. He draws lines and holds a pen and scribbles. He turns the pages of a book, knows big and small. He can use his thumb and index finger to pick up small objects. He imitates words, talks, understands when asked for something. He is talkative, quick in reaction. Donovan gets along well with others, likes singing, reading, playing games, listening to music, and playing with toys. He is extroverted and likes imitating. His orphanage wishes he can be happy in a complete family

This beautiful boy is on the shared list and is available through any agency!
Look at that smile !!!!!

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  1. I would like more information about Donovan, if he is still waiting. Thanks! Email: keelydwilson@gmail.com